An Integrative Holistic Approach in Case Taking

A journey of Simple scientific reproducible 3 steps of case taking



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SESSION 1 :  An Introduction to the Integrative Holistic Approach in Homoeopathy and foundation of the Case Witnessing Process - Dr Dinesh Chauhan 

SESSION 2: The Detailed Journey of The Three steps of Case Witnessing   

SESSION 3: Child Centric Designer Approach of Holistic Healing with Case Witnessing Process [In Verbal and Non Verbal Cases] 

 The Concept of Simple, scientific Three steps of Case Witnessing in children (In Verbal children between 4 to 16 years) especially by using their subconscious mind 

a)  Introduced with guided questionnaire to help them to give clear picture of their whole design. 

b) A possibility to give individualistic child centric advises with the help of child centric diary.

SESSION 4:   Inclusive Holistic Homoeopathy in Acute Cases with Case Witnessing Process. (From 'The book of acute’ of Dr chauhan) 

SESSION 5: Integrative Management for Deep pathological and Psychiatric cases with Case Witnessing Process

SESSION 6:  Geriatric Centric Case Witnessing Process Journey 

SESSION 7: Further along journey of Case witnessing process in RETAKE cases. 

SESSION 8: The Finale of further along Journey of Case Witnessing Process and insights with practical cases by the Master Dr Dinesh Chauhan




FEEDBACKS from Previous CWP courses and cwp websites on cwp 

“I am very excited after such a long search for a practical and systematic  tool regarding case taking, I am able to understand the patient on a deeper level and find a matching remedy, I have finally found what I was looking for…and much more. The steps in the case taking process are so clear to me now. With this method, I always know where I am at and how to go back on track once I lose myself in the process.” – Marion (SA)

"You've created a case taking structure for the Sensation method that is linear, sensible and elegantly simple to apply under any circumstances." Barbara Lowry (USA)

"I have attended 3 ABJF seminars 'til date and one in Pune, since last 6 months my way of case taking has deepen and my understanding of human being has enlarged after practicing the case witnessing process. Still this complete system not yet installed within me.... But the journey is going on.... Which is more amazing. "Dr. Harshad kadam (participants ABJF Feb 2012

- I enjoyed this day so much - as some hidden awareness opened up in my mind. I was amazed how Dr.Dinesh in three steps manages to connect some aspects, which seemed random, even bizarre and irrelevant, to the final remedy. Amazing experience and yet so well presented that any careful and open minded practitioner is able to do it. (BV)

"Decided to use Dr Dinesh method with a new client after the seminar for the first time. I have used sensation but badly before I think. The beauty of passive case witnessing is that you don't have to do anything at all!... It goes to the core of your own confidence to do this... Most of the work had been done and I could soon go home and make myself a Berocca. Happy days. .... It is really quite fascinating what happens when you just sit there with an interested look and don't ask any questions. Four questions in one hour, and virtually not a single word. Just affirmatory noises. It was fascinating...It is just a beautiful little case came out of this process. It is so complete, so whole, just so positive: )" Participant from Australia seminar


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