• To impart every growing homeopath with a wealth of knowledge  for practical applications of True Classical Homeopathy and the Holistic Healing Art.
  • To reach out to needy patients so that they avail of better  holistic health in a non profit way.

Towards Students:

  • To help students to  be trained specifically in the art of Homoeopathic Healing on a National and International level.
  • To provide the necessary funds for arranging workshops on the principles of ABJF in various parts of India.
  • To arrange self-development and HEALING THE HEALER workshops 
    to help Homoeopaths to be more aware of their Holistic Healing Energy.
  • To set up an Institute for all ABJF activities in an area with natural healing surroundings where the aim is to heal or teach healing at a Holistic Level.
  • To carry out research for combining science and intuitive healing, all curative therapies,  homoeopathy as well as modern medicine to provide healing at the highest level to patients.
  • To set up an INTERNATIONAL UNIT of the ABJF so as to spread the message of ABJF Globally.

Towards Charity:

  • Setting up CHARITABLE CLINICS in various parts of India with Doctors trained under the ABJF TRUST.
  • Referring patients to various other Specialists or Homoeopathic Doctors for further treatment and thus providing funds for the same.


"There is something very different about Dr. Dinesh. His style is uninhibited; he is inspiring & holds on to our attention. The concepts are clear in his head & he can express it to us equally well. You have been doing a very good work & Dr. Dinesh you put your heart out & teach us. And experiencing your energy inspires us & motivates to evolve ahead. The cases and explanation were exceptional. Each case the basic guideline of case witnessing process were followed & highlighted & explained." DR. ESHA KARIA


Dr. Dinesh Chauhan

  • Trustee, Teaching head

Dr. Urvi Chauhan

  • Trustee, Organising head

Mr. S.C.Chauhan

  • Trustee,

Dr. Riddhi Joshi

  • Trust doctor and volunteer

Dr. Chandrasekar

  • Coordinator

Dr. Rina Dedhiya

  • Trust Doctor

Dr. Rangarajan

Dr. Yogesh Malhotra


Dr. Zinkal Tilva (Mumbai)
Dr. Sayali Butala (Mumbai)
Dr. Atul Patwardhan (Pune)
Dr. Obaidullah (Belgaum)
Dr. Michel Xavier (Tamilnadu)
Dr. Anand Joshi (Ahmedabad)
Dr. N. Manjula (Tamilnadu)
Dr. Harpreet Bhiman (Punjab)
Dr. Parth Mankad (Gujarat)
Dr. Denise Rodrigues (Goa)
Dr. Nayan Ganava (Ahmedabad)


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